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Distance Learning in Tanzania: What We Learned

When schools in Tanzania closed, Quest Forward Schools shifted to distance learning with successful outcomes while overcoming significant challenges.... Read More

Empowering Students’ Futures: The Pathways Program

The Pathways Program will empower secondary students for a successful career after school, with knowledge, skills, and guidance to make informed decisions.... Read More


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How Quest Forward Helps My Child’s Post-Secondary School Goals

I enrolled my son, Joshua, in a Quest Forward Learning secondary school because I want him to be prepared and equipped to make the right decision for him and his life. I want him to be a value creator. And I want him to make informed... Read More

Learning Continues in Homes Across Tanzania

The first case of the new Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Tanzania was reported on Monday, March 16. Subsequently, the next day, Tuesday, March 17, all primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges and universities, were... Read More


Learn more about Quest Forward Learning in Tanzania through our blog, which is authored by teachers, parents, headmasters, and Opportunity Education staff. Blog post topics include things like how Quest Forward Learning helps... Read More

Schools Network

Tanzania Schools Network A Forward Path Quest Forward Learning schools are established, secondary schools that have elected to implement all aspects of Opportunity Education’s Quest Forward Learning framework. Using Quest Forward... Read More

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