Tanzanian Schools Look to the Future

When Quest Forward Learning schools in Tanzania began writing courses, or quests, at the beginning of 2016, everything around the idea of this new curriculum was very abstract. The dream was made real by January 2017, when we introduced Quest Forward Learning at Mtakuja Secondary School in Moshi, Tanzania—the first school to use quests in the classroom.

Everyone who heard about this development was skeptical, but six months later whoever visited the school and met the students were able to see the changes in these young people, as compared with their counterparts at regular schools. At the end of 2017, people in Moshi talked about the promise of the Quest Forward Learning program in such a way that bringing 7 additional schools on board in 2018 was accomplished in a very straightforward manner. When the first results from the national examinations came back in the fall of 2018, Mtakuja students showed amazing improvement. Educators were then able to focus completely on the Quest Forward mission that their students graduate with a liberated mindset so they can become societal problem solvers.

A smiling Mtakuja student holding a Quest Forward tablet.

By 2019, 12 more schools were added to the fold, which cemented the idea of creating a group of young stars who will act as catalysts to help manage the sustainable development of Tanzania’s future. This population of Quest Forward Learning graduates aligns with our country’s 2025 agenda, which focuses on industrializing our economy. This goal will not be realized without involving the most knowledgeable and skilled personnel, who will foster innovations around the industrial sector. Quest Forward Learning fosters such personnel through its innovative learning methods.

It is our hope that with this kind of positive impact, Quest Forward Learning continues to expand. Despite challenges with school budgets and intermittent power concerns to keep the Internet running smoothly, the Quest Forward Learning program continues to shape student minds and touch the lives of their surrounding communities. We want to ensure that it continues to make a difference across the country of Tanzania for many years to come.

Welcome to All Our New Schools in 2019!

This year saw a substantial increase in the number of schools that implemented Quest Forward Learning programs. With over 300 news students and 80 mentors, we are excited to expand our network by 11 schools, and to find new ways of assessing and improving deeper collaboration with existing Quest Forward Schools in Tanzania, as well as with the US Academies.

Cohort/School NameLocation/RegionStudentsMentors
Al-Quwiyyu Islamic SchoolZanzibar327
Crescent AcademyZanzibar158
Kidia Secondary SchoolKilimanjaro86
Mbarali Preparatory SchoolZanzibar549
Royal AcademyKilimanjaro147
St. Monica Secondary SchoolZanzibar178
St. Ursula Secondary SchoolKilimanjaro548
Stone Town International SchoolZanzibar86
Trust St. Patrick Secondary SchoolArusha5510
Uchira Secondary SchoolKilimanjaro95
Unique Secondary SchoolZanzibar446
2019 School Cohort Totals31080

Today, in 2019, the concept of Quest Forward Learning is not a dream—it is a reality. The growth in Tanzania has shown that school leaders and students believe in a visionary method of education that challenges students to engage with their coursework, create value for their communities, and connect to the world around them.